There is tremendous freedom that comes to us when we look within ourselves to overcome physical and mental suffering. The most profound change is based on self-acceptance. I will gently support you in the safest way possible to help you open to genuine transformation, discover new ways to express feelings, and let go of pain. You can reconnect to the joy of life and all those you love.


Individual Therapy

During my years in private counseling practice, I have come to recognize my deep interest and talents in helping women heal from depression, anxiety, and trauma. I also have decades of experience gently guiding teens to open up about the problems they are struggling with.

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New Group Forming Now

This is a marvelous opportunity to step into the comfort of being with other women in a safe, supportive environment.  Many people find that group therapy is a helpful addition to their individual work, because of the added benefit of hearing others’ experiences and feedback.

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