An invitation to blossom

Women’s Self Discovery Group

Sessions for this ten-week group begin periodically.
Please call me, 206-466-8336, to see when the next group is forming.

This is a marvelous opportunity to step into the comfort of being with other women in a safe, supportive environment. In this group, you will be able to work on issues in a way that is different from individual therapy. The goal of this group is to find a deeper understanding of yourself, while also feeling the warmth and safety of community with other women. You will have the opportunity to bring forth the issues that are important to you and have the chance to work through your feelings with the support of others. Along the way, I will offer exercises and activities to deepen the experience.

Cost is $35 per week, paid at the beginning of each month. Sessions are 90 minutes long. A $50 deposit towards your last month is required at the time of registration. An intake is required for acceptance into the group to ensure that it is a good fit for your needs. Cost for this is $50. Total cost is $400.


Broken For You: A Therapeutic Art Experience Group

This group is only offered during the summer months.
Please check back to see when the next date is taking place.

This is a group that merges a few different therapy techniques: group therapy, Reading (sometimes referred to as Bibliotherapy) and experiential art. In this group, we will read the novel Broken for You by Stephanie Kallos. It is a story that takes place in Seattle about a group of people who find themselves at great odds and come together without realizing it. There are many themes in the book, but most notably, the idea of brokenness is most prominent. One way this is illustrated is through the medium of mosaic—small pieces of broken glass put back together to make something beautiful.

Our group will consist of two parts. During the first part, you will come to group having read portions of the novel (it’s easy and fun to read) and we will discuss not the book per se, but rather the thoughts, feelings and ideas it brought up about your own life. (Trust me, it will.)

The second part of the group will consist of doing art—of experiencing the feeling of breaking something whole and putting it back together in a new and beautiful way. We will learn the medium of mosaic. Experiencing art in this way brings many emotions: vulnerability, insecurity, joy, peace, love, satisfaction. Being in the presence of others as they experience emotion is powerful. There will be plenty of time for sharing your personal story in this group.

This is an eight-week group. Sessions are 90 minutes on non-art days, and 120 minutes on art days. Cost is $40 per week plus a $10 supply fee. It is limited to six people. A telephone intake is required at no cost. An $80 deposit towards your last month is required at the time of registration.